Whitepaper: How to Avoid Digital Overload

|Whitepaper: How to Avoid Digital Overload

How to Avoid Digital Overload

Author: Jim Hetherton

Jim-webWith the proliferation of digital devices and technology our new iEverything world is in danger of Digital Overload. Smartphone’s, tablet computers, gaming devices, handheld devices are everywhere breeding an attitude of “There’s an app for that…”.

The technology can be fantastic, it can keep us in touch with distant loved ones, but it also has a dark side. Overuse can isolate us from the ones we live with.

It gives with one hand; saving us time paying back bills and reading news, and takes away with another hand; by consuming the time in answering emails and browsing social media in our always connected world.

In this how to guide, we look at recognising the signs of digital overload, ways to stay in control and making a commitment to making things happen rather than living in a constant state of busy distraction.

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