Whitepaper: Decision making as a leadership responsibility

|Whitepaper: Decision making as a leadership responsibility

Leaders, please rise to the challenge of your responsibility Part Three

Author: Kevin Johnson, CEO at OnTrack International

Kevin ( web3)We all know that leadership is something to be demonstrated through the right behaviours and not a position you are appointed to. Of course this is absolutely true and we have in every role of responsibility for others, the need for leadership. This call to responsibility cannot be neglected, rejected or avoided; it is your job.

There are many facets to this key role that determines the success or failure of not just teams but of organisations, cultures and countries. Each of which needs to be drawn upon and brought to the forefront of activity at the right moment.

There are three elements of leadership though I’d like to focus on in this short series. In my opinion these are the elements that have a significant impact on whether someone is valued as a true leader or purely is another link in the chain of command and organisation. The real challenge is that very often these are the three which are least prevalent in a leadership population.

The three areas I would like to focus on are energy, purpose and the ability to make wise decisions. Each of these elements should always include engagement of our people – that goes without saying. If we don’t take people along with us, then unfortunately we are merely a beacon of light, so dull that it leaves those we lead in uncertainty and darkness with a lack of clarity about who they are working for and how they can really add value.

My focus this time will be on the ability to make wise decisions and equip others to make great decisions as well.