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|Learning in a Digital Way

Learning in a Digital Way


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Neil Haire – Head of L&D at OnTrack International


It is essential nowadays to adopt a digital learning strategy as part of your wider learning and development plan. I’ve been asked a lot with regards to creating a digital learning strategy from colleagues and clients, including questions such as:

  • Why should we adopt digital learning tools into our L&D strategy?
  • How do we promote the adoption of these tools in a workforce of mixed ages and experience in digital learning?
  • What digital learning tools are out there?

As well as sharing my experiences, including best practices and the challenges I’ve faced, we talked about the benefits of a digital learning strategy and the different tools available to organisations, such as virtual classrooms and online toolkits that can help meet the needs of employees with mixed levels of digital expertise.

During the webinar, we look at where your business is in terms of adopting a digital learning strategy and look at the challenges you are facing or could face whilst implementing it. We also discuss how you can get senior stakeholders to buy into digital learning and how digital learning fits into the 70/20/10 learning framework.