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Social Collaboration and Learning on your own platform

New employees often face daunting learning curves when they join an organization which can lengthen the time it takes for them to become fully productive. “Bloomfire eliminates that challenge, allowing new employees to fully engage with an organization from day one by connecting them with the people and content they need. This software solution also features deep integrations and robust reporting so that our clients can always keep abreast of employee and partner engagement. There are many benefits to companies who use this system including increased employee collaboration and engagement, higher sales productivity, improved communication and more responsive customer services.”

Bloomfire is a social learning tool that connects employees with the knowledge they need to get their jobs done effectively. Studies show that traditional learning only gets employees about 20% of the information they need to do their job – the other 80% is learned on the job.

With Bloomfire, you can:

• Create and deploy learning series for on boarding and training
• Provide on-demand content for ongoing social learning
• Create a social intranet to connect employees and increase engagement
• Access information anytime/anywhere with a fully mobile solutions

Bloomfire’s award-winning knowledge management system is a flexible, easy-to-use solution that connects employees, partners and customers to the applications and information they need to get their jobs done. With Bloomfire, collaboration happens in the flow of work—from sales and marketing to service and support to employee onboarding and training—through integration with existing tools and processes, including Salesforce, Box, Google Apps, Dropbox and LinkedIn.

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With the sales teams on the road and departments spread out across the world, email was not an effective means of communicating on important subjects. We needed a new platform that would enable us to share knowledge with other departments and work in collaboration rather than as separate entities.
VP of Marketing, Jasco Products Company
Bloomfire allows us to respond to questions that require input from a group of people, and to store that information in a place where it can easily be located and accessed again,” he said. “It identifies experts with an intelligent search engine that connects knowledge and people.
Solutions Architect, Dun & Bradstreet