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OnTracks online toolkits that contains 1000’s of learning and development tools, case studies, activities, exercises, templates, articles, and videos, that caters to every learning style, and covers the broad spectrum of leadership, management and self- development. The key benefit of this toolkit is it provides your people with a “just in time” toolkit- what you need, when you need it, in a format to suit you.

This option is presented as a two-fold solution. It could be a resource used to support both the programme and employees of your organisation on a wider basis, through the informal and self-paced learning themes.

We can set up a demonstration site to see the toolkit in action. This can be branded to your organisation and as indicated, contain specific material to support your programmes and any other wider programmes you may embark on.

If you would like a demonstration of the toolkit, please ask?

White Papers or Downloads

It is so easy to use, it is as easy to browse as your favourite shopping website. However, the fact that the content is continually updated makes our job all the easier. We can add our own materials to the site when we want, but know that even when we aren’t posting our own stuff, it is constantly updated and curated.
Learning & Development Manager, Financial Services comparison website
Instead of E-learning simply being ‘powerpoint with a voice’, our toolkit provides easily accessible articles, film clips and infographics, which are constantly updated. This has helped us engage with staff who would not always get access to the best possible learning.
Global Manager of Learning & Talent, Booking website