Building Clients for Life

|Building Clients for Life

Building Clients for Life, register for our webinar with Andrew Sobel & Rosie Bailey

In this exclusive webinar, presented by OnTrack, you’ll learn a series of proven strategies for evolving from a commodity ‘expert for hire’ to trusted client advisor who is part of their clients’ inner circle and routinely awarded sole-source business.

For the last 20 years, bestselling author Andrew Sobel has studied the firms and individual professionals who consistently excel at acquiring new clients and steadily growing those relationships over time.

Client relationships are more important than ever to your success. But they are harder than ever to build. The rules have changed. Client sophistication, the rise of procurement and unprecedented client transparency, mean that traditional client development strategies no longer work.

Today, you succeed by being seen as a trusted partner who is part of your client’s growth and profits. Otherwise you are a supplier – an expense to be managed and cut. Expertise is essential, but ‘experts for hire’ are commodities. Whilst clients hire experts they build long-term relationships with advisors who have broader skills and show how their solutions enable important business goals.

Companies often pin their hopes for growth on finding new clients, but their best growth opportunities – their existing clients – are right on their doorstep.

Andrew Sobel’s bestselling books, which include Clients for Life and Power Questions, are considered the definitive guides to building long-term client loyalty. They have been translated into 19 languages worldwide. This webinar will introduce you to proven strategies and skills to grow your business from the inside out.

In this webinar, you’ll have the chance to learn:

  • A proven framework of the individual and institutional capabilities necessary to build long-term, trusted client relationships
  • The critical mindset change that will dramatically impact your behaviour as you go about trying to win and keep clients and customers
  • How HR and Learning and Development can support the creation of a ‘Clients for life” organization that offers a consistent, differentiated client experience

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