Successful implementation of company strategy is vital to the success of the organisation Рso why do many organisations fail in strategy deployment?  Why in so many companies is strategy merely a static document, rather than an aligning set of objectives that drives ongoing concrete actions and results?

How to ensure great engagement to actively deliver your strategic changes 

With the stakes for success or failure to deliver against strategic goals so high, the demands for change ever increasing, and organisational as well as personal success intrinsically linked to the ability to successfully deliver change – why do so many organisations struggle or fail with successful strategy deployment?

Fundamentally, two critical success factors that stand out are:

  • Speed & agility of implementation – a good strategy is only as good as it’s execution, and the strategy deployment plan needs to adopt to the realities discovered through implementation.
  • Execution needs to involve employees at all levels of the organisation – therefore their engagement and commitment to deliver are key.

These factors drive the need to move away from a “static” plan, often developed by the senior leadership then cascaded and communicated across the organisation, frequently exhibiting many “command & control” characteristics.¬†¬† This approach frequently leads to a disconnect between overall organisational strategic goals and aims, and the day-to-day actions, decisions and priorities driving¬† teams focus across the organisation.

To be more successful, the strategic deployment and delivery processes need to:

  • Ensure that there is a clear connection between vision and strategic goals and the day to day tasks and activities
  • Communicate & cascade the relevant level of detail across the different functions, teams and levels in the organisation
  • Effectively engage with leaders & teams right across organisation – more engagement leads to better understanding, empowerment and engagement, critical factors in ensuring successful deployment and delivery of the strategic changes

Successful strategy implementation needs the understanding and commitment to action from leaders and employees across the whole organisation.

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Michael Howarth – Managing Director – Improve Business

Michael has extensive experience as a Business Improvement professional with twenty years as a Business Improvement practitioner, including over ten years management consultancy experience, working with multi-national clients across multiple sectors.   He has extensive Change, Strategy Deployment and Business Improvement experience.   Michael is a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and experienced trainer and coach, with expertise in Strategy Execution & Deployment.